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Chloride UK Security Products is internationally approved security equipment with guaranty of high performance and durability. It is solely distributed worldwide by Chimmax Security Systems Ltd.

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Chloride UK Smoke Detector AH-388-2

Smoke detector

Product Features:
• Advanced detection and discrimination algorithms
• Easy installation and maintenance
• Super sleek low-profi le housing design
• Durable sensor head, no need for replacement
• SMD circuit board design-satisfactory quality and reliability guaranteed
• Integrated heat detector for AH- 388-2H and AH- 388-4H models
• N/C (normal/close)-N/O (normal/open)selectable relay output
• AR (Auto Reset) function for security systems (optional for 4 wire models)
• Five-year limited warranty
• Size: 102mm diameter with 43mm height only

The range includes:

AH-388-2                              2 wire photoelectric smoke alarm
AH-388-2L                            2 wire photoelectric smoke alarm with remote LED output
AH-388-2H                           2 wire photoelectric smoke and heat alarm
AH-388-2HL                         2 wire photoelectric smoke and heat alarm with remote LED output
AH-388-4-12/24 4 wire photoelectric smoke alarm (12/24VDC)
AH-388-4AR-12/24            4wire photoelectric smoke alarm with auto-reset function (12/24VDC)
AH-388-4H-12/24               4 wire photoelectric smoke and heat alarm (12V/24DC)
AH-388-4HAR-12/24         4 wire photoelectric smoke and heat alarm with auto-reset function (12/24VDC)
Smoke Sensitivity               0.98--2.40%/FT Obscuration (UL) ; 0.08--0.14 dB/m (EN)
Ceiling Spacing                    50 foot rating for heat sensor
Temperature Range            -10°C to 50°C
Humidity                              0 to 95% RH, no condensation or icing
Dimensions                          102mm (dia.) x 43mm (ht) with base
Weight                                   120g/set with base

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