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Chloride UK Security Products is internationally approved security equipment with guaranty of high performance and durability. It is solely distributed worldwide by Chimmax Security Systems Ltd.

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Fire Alarm
Control Panel
Smoke Detector
Heat Detector
Smoke and Heat Detector

Fire Alarm Bell
Break Glass
Resettable Break Glass
Fire Alarm Sounder
Fire Alarm Sounder with Strobe
Strobe Light
Flame Detector
Gas Detector
Standalone Smoke Alarms

Standalone Heat Alarm  

Access Control
Electric Strike
Magnetic Lock
Exit Buttons
Finger print access control
Access Control / Time Attendance
Emergency Break Glass

DVR - Channel 4,8,16,24,32
Central Power Supply Unit

Outdoor Camera
Outdoor Vandal camera

Indoor Black Snail Camera
Indoor White Camera

Bar Light





Chloride uk access control CP-7612R
Model CP-7612 is 3du tech Company excellent design access controller.
Be applicable to all kinds of industrial & commercial environment, especially for the offices. Which has the function of Time and attendance, can choose any employee as admis person , four methods to open the door (present cards or input PIN code)
.It has a built-in bell,and also you can connect a External bell with annunciator(selectable) to it. With Lock relay output,Secure/Normal Mode,NO/NC output.With the function of alarm.
Metal stand alone access control
IP 68
Weigan output connection 
Intput Voltage:12~18VDC 
Input current: 90 mA
Metal shell,bright chrome finished or matt chrome polished 

Model CP-7612R support up to 500 users/500cards,4 digit PIN Code



Model no CP-9901A

Access Controller CP-9901A Access Control Keypad Containing 500 users with Code (EM/ID Card)

Brief introduction of product
CP-9901A Controller was designed specially for all kinds of electric-control 
locks and security control. It is one of the most advanced modernized entrance 
guard is systems. For selecting the newest central processing unit (CPU), all
information can it be lost when the power supply is cut. Adopting the latest 
technology, powerful functions, it has induced card and three ways of opening 
the door, such as password to open the door, induced card adding with password
to open the door, and card to open the door. It has safety measures such as the
monitor and alarm under the door state, anti-pry alarm, deploy defrense, safety
mode, and induced card adding with password etc.,which makes the users more 
safe and convenient.This product offers many kinds of entrance and exit manag-
ement way with safety and automation, which is the ideal device for commerci
-al institution, office building, factory, and residential area etc.
reader is customizable for out-in read card access control system.
Brief introduction of product
Operating Voltage: 12VDC
Current: 150mA 
Inside Card Reader: ID/EM card 125Kz
Capacity: 500 cards
Opening Mode: Card, code, card+code

Dimension: 116*116*21mm



Waterproof rating: IP68 
Metal structure design, anti-smashing, anti-riot 
Capacity: 2000 card users card, 2000 user passwords 
EM/ID 125khz card
sizes:. 120 * 56 * 18 (mm)
can work as a WG26 reader slave.
Support Card, password, card + password 
Backlit keyboard: the keyboard can operate at night 
Wiegand interface: WG26 Input / Output 
with doorbell button and interface,can add any doorbell



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