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Chloride UK Security Products is internationally approved security equipment with guaranty of high performance and durability. It is solely distributed worldwide by Chimmax Security Systems Ltd.

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  CSD 218 (9v) | CSD-218ABI (220v/9v) | CSD 218-i (9v)

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Chloride UK Standalone Smoke Alarm (9v) CSD-218-i

Standalone Smoke Alarm
CSD-218 series photoelectric smoke detectors are designed in accordance with UL217 EN14604 and manufactured under the best quality control . The CSD-218 series alarm are adopted the reliability UL-certificated infrared components.

Product Features:

Photoelectric sensing technology

Interconnectivity: it can be connected together with other detectors at the same time.

When it detects smoke all interconnected detectors will sound alarm simutanously

Low-sensitivity warning
• Low-battery warning
• Battery case at the back of a detector for easy removal of a battery
• SMD circuit board design-satisfactory quality and reliability guaranteed
• Test button verifies battery and alarm operation
• Sounding a loud alarm signal of exceeding 85db in alarm mode
• Ten-year limited warranty

Smoke Sensitivity                     0.08---0.14dB/m
Battery Availability                   18months(Carbon Zinc); 3 years(Alkaline); 10 years(Lithium);
Standby Current                       8 A
Alarm Current                          15mA
Temperature Range                  0°C to 50°C
Humidity                                   0 to 95% RH, no condensation or icing
Alarm Sound Level                   85 db/3m
Dimensions:                             102mm (dia) x 35mm (ht) with base
Weight:                                    130g with base (9V battery included)

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